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Expand your Social Media Experience With A Popular Social Bookmark Site

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With the rise of social media, there have been multiple advances in the types of social media websites that are developed every day. While many social media websites allow members to share photos, ideas, and reviews with others, there are additional types of social media that can provide entertainment and education. These types of websites allow members to bookmark links to specific websites in one place. Known as social bookmarking, this format has become widely popular throughout a variety of social media websites. Nowadays, interested individuals can find social bookmarking sites that pertain to news, cooking, entertainment, education, and even business marketing. In fact, you may have even heard of some of the most popular social bookmarking sites throughout the last year. You may even be using a popular social bookmark site without realizing it!

Some examples of popular social bookmark sites include Reddit, as well as the very popular social bookmark site Pinterest. If you have ever used these two websites before, then it is likely that you are familiar with the basic way that a popular social bookmarking site works. When you create an account with these types of websites, you are usually able to access links that others have bookmarked. In addition, you may also be able to bookmark your own links for future reference. A popular social bookmark site such as Reddit can be rather comprehensive, as well. Websites like this one often provide multiple categories that members can post within each day. These categories might include news stories, humorous stories, and even shocking photos and links. The popular social bookmark site Pinterest allows members to “pin” photos, recipes, and even links to articles or blogs. However, Pinterest remains unique by allowing members to “pin” these links to various boards, which each user can customize by title and organization.

You can also find a popular social bookmark site that pertains to a variety of other interests, as well. In fact, some libraries and other reference resources utilize these kinds of websites in order to make reference materials readily and easily accessible to patrons. However, each library or other institution may vary depending on the type of popular social bookmark site it uses, so it is best to speak with staff regarding how you can use these kinds of resources. Why not check out the various forms of bookmarking social media that are available to you?

Google Demands High-Quality SEO

Best link building service

Did you know that, according to comScore, 1,890 searches take place every second, and 80% of search engine users never venture beyond the first results page? Today’s consumers are online, and reaching them depends on ranking well and ranking organically. How can marketers use SEO tactics to generate leads and drive sales?

Cross Platform Compatibility

According to research firm McKinsey, smartphones and tablets account for 44% of global computing. The number of Americans using smartphones is steadily increasing as well, with as many as 145 million owners as of September 2013, according to comScore. Moreover, users are notoriously impatient, and an overwhelming 79% will abandon pages with performances issues (often in favor of a competitor). Marketers need to master SEO tac Continue reading…

Why You Should Have a Blog

Complete link building

The term “blog” (the shortened form of “web log”) first came into existence in the late ’90s. And it’s been gaining momentum ever since. So much so that in the United States there is estimated to be more than 31 million bloggers, with social media like Facebook and Twitter giving blogging even more of a boost. But with all that competition, how do you help your blog gain more readers? By incorporating these basic SEO tips and techniques.

  • Frequency.%3Cbr%3EAny optimized content must be updated frequently to be effective. This goes for news stories, product articles, informational articles, and, of course, blogs. The promise of fresh updated content will bring a reader back for more, and if you deliver every time, they’ll tell a friend about it.
  • %3Cbr%3E

  • Link-Building.Continue reading…

In Need of DIY SEO Tips? Look No Further Than This Article and the Plentiful SEO Blogs!

Basic seo tips

Whether you are an internet marketer looking to enter the realm of SEO, or a small business looking to save a little money and try to generate more leads by doing SEO in house, the internet is here to help you. You probably do not need to be told that SEO is important. Nearly all internet interactions, about 93%, begin with a search engine. This makes it critical that your site and blog be easily found by those search engines. If you are in need of free SEO tips, an SEO tips blog is exactly where you want to look.

Here are a selection of DIY SEO tips, scrounged from SEO tips blogs.

  • Reduce load times.
  • You want to ensure that your site or blog loads quickly to prevent users from growing bored or impatient, and leaving before getting the chance to view your content. For starters, use only the wid Continue reading…

Three of the Best Social Bookmarking Sites

Popular social bookmarking sites

In the digital age, people like to share anything and everything they find interesting with their friends. While this can be accomplished with e-mail, text messaging, and Facebook, the fact is that there are services out there that do social bookmarking in a fantastic, intuitive way. Here are three of the best social bookmarking sites in no particular order.

  • Delicious
  • %3Cbr%3E

    Delicious is among the most popular social bookmark sites because it is dedicated to that service alone. The site allows you to save your bookmarks to your account while tagging them with important keywords and tagging them with your friends’ account names. This makes sharing exceptionally simple. With the extension for the popular Google Chrome web-browser you no longer have to visit Continue reading…