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The main building is awe-inspiring in its sculpture and art, as well as the retail area that houses every type of instrument possible. It is also possible to take photos with the equipment by using the photo booth for free which is in the lobby.

Thomann is a store that stocks a dizzying variety of pianos and keyboards made by some of the most respected manufacturers in the world including Steinway, Sauter, and Yamaha as well as headphones for any type of head including woodwinds and saxophones guitars made by international brands such as Fender and Gibson along with lesser-known brand names, including less well-known instruments such as accordions and theremins. Thomann offers every kind of instruments. It is in stark contrast to places like Guitar Center, USA, or specialty stores like Anderton’s UK. Elise Ecklund provides a comprehensive overview of all types of musical instruments that are available at Thomann. The shop also has a large selection of musical instruments, both orchestral and percussion.

Thomann is, as a result the largest music retailer in the world and specializes in all sorts of instruments sales. Elise plays the guitars from the garage. She also plays demos of some of Taylor’s instruments. Then she plays instruments in the concert guitar room.