Common Chimney Problems – The Interstate Moving Companies

become more severe over time and could cause fires in homes. In the following video, we will talk about chimney fires that homeowners must be mindful of.

The first problem is obstruction. The chimney must be cleared of obstructions. there aren’t any obstructions within the chimney’s opening, like with your gutters. The chimney may be blocked by nests of birds, leaves branches, branches or soot. Smoke from the fire may enter your home and present a risk to those living there.

Creosote can be described as the result of a mixture of soot, Tar. In order to prevent the buildup of soot, creosote contains soot and tar. Creosote has a tendency to ignite, and it is a risk to cause catastrophe when it’s not properly cleaned.

There could be problems regarding the masonry of the chimney, too. In order to ensure that the mortar, bricks as well as the stones remain intact it’s a good idea for masons. In the event of water damageto the chimney, it could collapse entirely. The bricks can damage your home and could fall off the roof and hurt passers-by.

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