Everything You Should Expect During a Heat Pump Maintenance Appointment – Concordia Research

being cheated by scrupulous maintenance staff or having to pay expensive, regular service for maintenance.

A maintenance company will be at your residence to inspect and replace the filter. Technicians will show the proper cleaning of your filter. This should be done at least once a month. The technician should also check your belt’s condition for wear, then oil the motors, and then adjust the tension as needed. Checking this allows the condenser to function efficiently, without making squealing noises or slipping belts. To avoid any delays and blown fuse, the technician will also replace loose connections.

The technician cleans both the outside fins of the condensing unit and the indoor coil of the evaporator to ensure optimal heating and cooling system performance. The technician also measures the refrigerant levels to ensure that they’re not too low. The low levels of refrigerant cause the the evaporator coils become ice. Follow the link to find out more.