How Blast Resistant Doors and Windows Work – E-Library

orce orce (per square inch) of blast events. The doors and windows are classified in accordance with the resistance they can resist.

Doors and windows shield visitors as well as staff in buildings prone to being attacked. They are utilized for hazardous chemical handling in manufacturing facilities and factories. Besides saving lives, they also safeguard a firm from wrongful death and injury suits that may follow.

To be practical Bullet-resistant windows and doors must be an SDOF (single degree of freedom) system. The level of freedom identifies the parameters total that define the condition of the system. SDOF is most clearly illustrated through bulletproof doors and windows which have a PSI of eight and five for each.

Low window psi decreases the blast rating of the whole building. The doors that resist blast are as strong as their weakest component, which is the SDOF. The materials used in the production of doorways that resist blast blasts, as well as windows are built around the strength level. Common materials are timber as well as concrete, aluminum, and steel. fvvlqnldyz.