How to Choose Side Stones for Your Engagement Ring – Media Content Lab

The ceremony of engagement is a deeply emotional experience because it signals the start of a new year. A ring for engagement is an ideal way to mark and commemorate the wedding of the couple. Finding the right ring could be daunting, mainly because there are a variety of options available. While some prefer to wear solitaire rings, some prefer the side stones. If you’re in search of an engagement ring with multiple stones the video below will show you how to select the side stones. The video has some invaluable tips.

Although rings vary in appearance, there are some important aspects to be aware of when shopping for side stone engagement rings. These include the design, shape, hue, and the setting. The best thing to do is have an concept of how you would like your ring’s look taking into consideration the preferences of your spouse and their tastes. A great idea is to talk to a jeweler. An experienced jewelry designer will assist with the selection process and also create custom designs.

There are many choices in terms of color. The option of matching stones is one for a ring, and it could be a combination of colors that make it pop. Finding a price that is within your budget is crucial, regardless of the design you pick. Take a look at a variety of shops and rings prior to making a final choice. ie46vnxbnv.