I Need Help to Find Safe Bookmarking Sites!

I have just started out blogging and I have been learning about back links, so I heard that popular social bookmarking sites offer back links, and best of all, some of them are free. The only trouble is that I am not sure if all the sites are safe to go to.

I mean, I could go to what I think are popular social bookmark sites and then all of a sudden have a virus on my computer. Having been using computers for my entire life, I know that one stupid click, even if on popular social bookmark sites, can lead to worlds of pain with trojans and viruses if I am not too careful.

I started a blog about coffee. Coffee is kind of a passion of mine, there are so many different kinds and flavors. Coffee culture around the world is just as diverse as the coffee types themselves. Anyways, I feel like there is a great opportunity to use popular social bookmark sites with this since there is a lot of interest and passion with coffee lovers around the world.