Installing an Asphalt Driveway How Its Done – Benro Properties

long it lasts. Also, excessive heat can cause cracks in the asphalt. This could result in the premature destruction of your pavement. Here’s an outline of the things to be aware of when you install asphalt pavement.

The process starts with the taking down and demolition of surface that is currently in use. This can be accomplished with massive machines, such as forklifts or bobcats. The loose materials will be eliminated by these machines. When the road has been cleaned of loose debris surfaces motor graders are able to be utilized to level the surface. This will ensure that water flows out in the right way. The most reliable asphalt contractors will make sure that the surface is level as well as ensure that there are no crowns. These can lead to the premature degrading of the pavement.

To ensure the stability of asphalt pavement, the next step is to prepare the sub-base. To ensure asphalt’s longevity, the sub-base should be properly graded and packed. The best way to know whether the sub-base is packed is by checking its flexibility beneath the truck. It should not flex for greater than one inch.