Types of Speech Disorders in Children – health-SPLASH

it is when speech sounds are completely incoherent. The brain may be damaged and be the cause of this. The condition can also be result of strokes that occur in adulthood. This is known as acquired AOS. Scientists haven’t been able detect neurological damage among babies who were who are born to suffer from Apraxia of Speech. It’s not known what causes this condition in children.

There is a connection between AOS as well as other disorders in close family members. It has been shown that AOS-related learning and communication disorders are common in parents of children who were who were born to AOS parents. It is possible that there’s some genetic connections.

In mild cases, AOS tend to be less obvious. The diagnosis for this condition is more difficult in children who have other speech impediments. This is due to the fact that children suffering from moderate symptoms of the condition frequently have additional conditions. Examples include speech irregularities and mispronunciation in speech can also be present in other disorders of speech.

It’s simpler to detect the most severe instances. The most frequent symptoms you will encounter are difficulty in articulating words, inconsistent pronunciation, groping for sound placements, and off-target movements that distort speech.


Another one ranks high on the list of common types of speech disorders in children. Dysarthria can be a sign of nerve or muscle damage. The condition is manifested by slower speech as well as slurred or slow-talking. The children who are affected by the disorder also show limited lip, tongue and jaw movement. A few children will suffer from an irregular rhythm and frequency in their speech. Other signs that may be less prevalent are voice quality issues, difficulty articulating, and the sound of speech is labored.

Dysarthria can be the result of muscle and nerve damage. But