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determine an appropriate time to contact an attorney to assist you to resolve your debt when it has been criminalized.
Do You Have the right to be arrested for debt?
There are instances where you can be charged with a crime, but it’s essential to comprehend how this can happen. In addition, you need to know your rights when you are in this type of situation. It will help you decide whether you need to hire a lawyer for criminal law.
In the beginning, it’s important to be aware that you can’t be arrested for any of your consumer debt. The law does not permit collectors of debt to threaten with the threat of arrest. But, there are instances when your debt can lead to your arrest due to other charges such as defying a court ruling or defying a lawful.
Even though criminal law clearly declares that debt collectors cannot threaten you with an arrest but they still have the right to utilize law enforcement to sue your for not being able to settle the obligation. Therefore, if you’ve wondered if debt is criminalized in any way, here’s your solution. In the case of debt collectors the best way to get their money is to be sued in the amount that you owe.
Under legal terms, this is known as a civil action to settle a an amount of debt. If you’re one of those people who don’t take such the legal process seriously, then you can land up in the most dire of situations. If you’re sued, but you fail to appear in court, you may be subject to a default judgement which may lead to garnishment or bank levy.
You could be detained in connection with debt
If you’re in a significant amount of debts, there are legal loopholes that debt collectors could use to obtain your arrest. It is essential that you are represented by a criminal lawyer on hand in case any one of these scenarios arises.
The case could be dismissed in the event that you fail to show up or comply with the court order.
Collectors of debt may say that they have incurred debt in the event that the money you earn goes missing. 2f7w3fwqcv.